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high temperature resistance filter glue

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high temperature resistance filter glue

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The series”RH” adhesive products suit for filter components bonding. such as filter paper pleated,metal or plastic filter frame fixed, filter pockets sealing. The adhesive products have granules or hot melt glue stick to meet different requirement.

Hot melt adhesive for filter have EVA based, Polyolefins based and Polyamide based hot melt adhesive. The PE an PA based hot melt adhesive for filter has good high temperatures resistance features.

Hot melt adhesive is widely used at filters different parts. Hot melt adhesive for pleating filter paper, filter frame assembly. Filter components bonding. Filter lid seaming,the filter centre parts filling .filter stitching seaming.


The hot melt adhesive for filter has these outstanding features:

1. The hot melt adhesive meets different hot melt machine, spraying machine ,rolling melt glue gun.

At meantime, we supply long curing time ,middle curing time, short curing time hot melt adhesive for filter

2. Hot melt adhesive has good flexible and elastic ,make sure the filter’s filter flexible and anti-deformed

3. Hot melt adhesive is white color,no odor,make sure the filter beautiful appearance and no odor.

4. Hot melt adhesive is high temperature resistance,no deformed .

 Product Parameters

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 Operating Equipment



 Matters Need Attention

1. Before using mass products, you please make a trial small amount in advance.

2. The working temperature should not exceed 200℃,in order to avoid carbonization and decomposition. If the working temperature is lower than recommend temperature,the bonding strength is affect as well.

3. The tank lid should be well-covered to avoid the dirt falling.  

Hot melt adhesive should as per the principle of "first in,fist out" and "no need melting more if not necessary"  to ensure the best bonding performance and glue's shelf life.

4. Hot melt adhesive bonding performance also affect by different seasons,we advise customer not stock too much or consult our engineer and sales before purchase the order quantity.

5. This product should be stored at ventilation, far away from heat source, no direct sunlight, clean and dry warehouse.Products shelf life  is 12months in generally.It needs to be tested again after the storage period is exceeded.

6.Due to the influence of raw material color,each batch of products may have some color difference,but it does not affect its bonding performance.

7. For further details or technical questions, please contact us.